Bahorka Társulat: Pletykázó asszonyok [women talking]

FA 454-2
2020, Fonó
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Bahorka’s first record takes us on a journey back in time through love and beautiful songs.

In Bahorka, Balogh Melinda, Horváth Sára and Kaszai Lili have developed their own style called ‘improvisational folklore theatre’. With music they tell stories, breaking down the borders between the stage and audience, taking the audience back to an old, yet somehow familiar world. After several years of performing together, Csoóri Sándor Jr. ‘Sündi’ joins Bahorka as musical director on their first recording. Szentimrey Zsófi’s beautiful illustrations decorate the record cover.


Three women sitting on a bench from dawn til dusk take the audience on a journey in time. They talk about dreams, personalities at turn of the century markets, medicinal herbs, young people in love, dancing goats and all kinds of entertaining things spiced with the wit of the village folk.


Over the years the group has woven some beautiful music together to make this recording. They put poetry by Weores Sándor to music using elements of Hungarian and Balkan folk music, jazz harmonies and improvisation. It’s a play evoking past and present, village and city, child and adult.



Balogh, Melinda/ Horváth, Sára/ Kaszai, Lili – voice, tales
Utasi, Péter – tales
Gárgyán, Zoltán – clarinet, wooden flute
Babcsán, Bence – saxophone, wooden flute
Ifj. Csoóri, Sándor – tambura, viola
Réti, Benedek – accordion


Hegedűs, Máté - violin

Bősze, Tamás Jean-Pierre – percussion, coboz
Szabó-Csobán, Gergő – double bass

Zahár, Fanni - flute


Sound engineer: Dióssy Ákos

Illustrations: Szentimrey Zsófi

Photos: Őrsi András (Karmatik)

Layout/graphics: Kiss Dóra


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