Cimbaliband is like a true Eastern European metropolis. Traces of bygone eras, mixed with modern matter – It’s in constant motion, swarming but it works. It is a true multi-cultural cavalcade. "Bunyevác" accordionist, Hungarian fiddler, Croatian tambura-player, Gypsy bassist, Germanian-Hungarian cimbalist. Members are from different type of music. Hungarian folk music, classical music, jazz, folk...More »
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Cimbaliband: Recycle

FA 389-2
Bar code: 5998048538928
2016, Fonó

It’s time to go green! That’s the slogan for Cimbaliband’s 10th anniversary recording.


The new 11 track recording is full of Cimbaliband’s positive energy and joyful style. Their basis in folk music can be strongly felt at times, though other times not as much. The compositions are about everyday heroes, life situations, Budapest’s bicyclists, outlaws, and the main theme of folk songs: love – both happy and unhappy, splitting up, cheating; and even the profane, love of coffee.

1. Hendrendre
2. Fő a kávé
3. Tendlbeat
4. Nyírfaág
5. Tudod, babám
6. Balázs telke
7. Marika néni
8. Pesti bringás
9. Ez vagy nekem
10. Bírlak

11. Imposztor

Unger Balázs – cymbalom, voice
Danics Dóra – voice
Unger Gergő – guitar , voice
Solymosi Máté – violin
Tóth Gergely – double bass, viola
Babos Lőrinc – drum

With guests:
Agatics Krunoszláv – accordion (2, 7, 9, 11)
Boda Gellért – violin (3, 4, 5, 6)
Szitha Miklós – steel drum (8)

Cimbaliband is celebrating its 10th birthday and its 9th recording is sure to be a success - given the transformations the band has seen in the last period. New elements, new band members enrich the band’s musical harmony with fresh currents. The new singer deserves special mention: Danics Dóra came aboard with a following of her own. She got to the know the band some years ago at a large event, when it turned out she used a Cimbaliband hit for her mobile phone ring tone; they talked about working together at some point. Then in September of 2016 when the band found itself without a singer, everyone voted for the winner of Hungary’s 2013 X-Faktor! Dóra has since become a regular member of the band, her voice can be heard on the new recording and now the audience can get to know her from a side she can only present together with Cimbaliband.

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