Cserepes’s record “Blacklake” is amongst the best!

2017-07-12 14:44:51

It’s on the WMCE top list!

Another Fonó release, Cserepes Károly’s album “Blacklake” made the World Music Charts Europe toplist! The prestigious list is generated from votes of 50 world music radio experts from 24 countries. Every month the list is published at This is the only Hungarian album on the list for July - and the first Hungarian release to make the list over the last few months.

Cserpes Károly’s album invites the listener on an imagined walk through the traditional regional market in Transylvania’s Feketetó/Negreni. He embeds traditional music in an unusual musical environment. Without changing them, folk music field recordings are woven into a new musical fabric.

The record can be purchased at the webshop here.

The ENTIRE RECORD can be heard on youtube here.

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