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The Csík Band has been active for more than twenty-five years, and is the most popular performer in Hungary for Hungarian folk and world music. During these decades the members of the band first acquired and studied folk music, and then performed it at concerts and in ‘dance houses’ both in Hungary and abroad.  In the past few years the band have chosen a track to try to offer an unexpected, but pleasant...More »

Csík Band 25: Concert film

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Csík Band's 25th anniversary - the whole concert


The Csík Band - now legendary - gave an unforgettable anniversary concert on December 30th, 2013 at Budapest's Syma Hall. This event of contemporary Hungarian music history can now be seen and heard on DVD.


1. I won't marry you, my love, before...

2. "Happy, sad song"

3. Romanian dances from the Bihar region

4. At dawn

5. The prince of the Cumanians - lad from Kunság

6. If the train has started, let it run...

7. Star or swallow

8. Stealing a heart

9. How much rain, how much mud

10. And came the doctor

11. Lamenting, hoina (a Romanian dance) and hand dance

12. Measuring the milk of the sheep

13. I am the one who is not good


Csík Band:
Zsolt Barcza - cimbalom, accordion
József Bartók - double bass
János Csík - fiddle, voice
Tamás Kunos - viola, second tambur, drum, voice
Marianna Majorosi - voice
Péter Makó - taragot, saxophone, clarinet, zither, voice
Attila Szabó - fiddle, guitar, voice

András Berecz, Ákos Dióssy D., Mihály Dresch, György Ferenczi, András Kispál, 
András Lovasi, Ábel Mihalik, Ferenc Németh, Gábor Presser


Dance: Fitos Dezső Company

Directed by: Balázs Lévai 

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