Juhász Gábor Quartet: In The Garden

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Fonó, 2018
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Juhász Gábor’s 50th birthday record: In the Garden


The point of departure for the most recent tunes was a specific garden, little details from our garden. Naturally this could have been handled in a more abstract way, but this time it was the ‘here and now’ that mattered to me and not the ‘far away’. Once I asked a friend what the audience would think if I evoke my family in my record entitled “1978”. He answered that everyone has a family; everyone will go with the thought. So, here I think that everyone has a garden, or some other ‘here and now’ experience that will help them to go along with these tunes.

These tunes are written in the language of jazz in an easy to follow form. It helps that as a trio with my great colleagues - drummer Jeszenszky György and double-bass player Kovács Zoltán – we have hosted many jam sessions. I was very pleased that my friend Gátos Iván agreed to join us on keyboards. A professional recording was made of the concert.

Juhász Gábor - gitár (guitar)
Gátos Iván - hammond orgona (hammond organ)
Kovács Zoltán - nagybőgő (double bass)
Jeszenszky György - dob (drums)

1. Hinta (Swing)
2. Csoda (Miracle)
3. Kutyaház (Doghouse)
4. Kert (Garden)
5. Diófa (Walnut Tree)
6. Pad (Bench)
7. Tűzhely (Fireplace) 

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