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Fonó is on the WOMEX top Label list

2015-09-15 00:23:05

Again this year, Fonó is on WOMEX's list of top world music labels.

This year the Fonó celebrates its 20th birthday and this year for the third year in a row WOMEX (World Music Expo) has listed Fonó amongst the top world music labels. There are 20 record labels on this list and Fonó is number 13  - as the only Hungarian label and the only label in all of Eastern and Central Europe on the list.

Thank you for the recognition - thanks to our records, music, and artists!

2015-12-09 14:49:12

Two Fonó records are amongst the best of 2017

2017-12-14 11:52:33

Cimbaliband's "Recycle" and Cserepes’ "Blacklake" are on the list of best world music albums of 2017.

Last week World Music Charts Europe posted their best world music 2017 list. Two Fonó releases are on the list: Cserepes Károly’s “Blacklake” and Cimbaliband’s “Recycle”.

50 radio professionals from 24 countries cast their votes each month to make this distinguished world music top list. In December, they count up the votes from the whole year to make the ‘best of the year’ list. Also on the 2017 list are: Kerekes Band’s “Back to Folk” and Frank London’s “Glass House Orchestra” album which includes three Hungarian musicians: Ágoston Béla, Szirtes Edina Mókus and Lukács Miklós. The complete list can be found at:

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2018-06-07 12:13:15

Herczku Ágnes dedicates her new recording to the memory of Kallós Zoltán.

2018-06-07 12:15:47

Proceeds from record sales will go to Herczku Ágnes's informants - traditional singers in the Transylvanian village of Visa.


Singer Herczku Ágnes’s new record "Hozomány" is a double CD. It was released by Fonó in April for the 2018 National Dance House Festival and Market. Ágnes considers this album to be the first step in a series of records making public the results of 15 years of her field work collecting folk songs. Proceeds from record sales from this first in record in the series will go to her informants in Visa.


“…. With this record we would like to thank the informants who entrusted us with these treasures….. proceeds from sales of this double record will go to Papp András and to Nagy Amália's family…”


The “Gyűjtés” (Collection) CD contains field recordings made during a 2005 collection trip to the Transylvanian village of Visa. There are songs and rhythmic yells from informant-traditional singers Papp András, Nagy Amália, Fodor Juliska and Lóvász Anna.
The other CD entitled “Revival” contains arrangements by lead fiddler Koncz Gergely of traditional vocal and instrumental music from Visa. Singer Németh Ferenc and kontra player Fekete Antal “Puma” also cooperated on the “Revival” recording.

Material for the “Revival” recording came from Kallós Zoltán’s Visa collection and Hercku Ágnes’s 2005 collection trip…..this double record is dedicated to the memory of Transylvanian music expert, singer and collector, Kállos Zoltán.

The Hungarian-Polish Friendship Records

2018-06-07 12:25:38

Two recordings: Fekete-Kovács Kornél and Kuba Stankiewicznek: “Bridges” Szent Efrém Men’s Chorus: “Benedicamus”

Felczak Records use music - the most universal language – to demonstrate that the friendship between the Polish and Hungarian nations has common emotions, mode of thought and values with roots in the historical past. This kind of friendship is an example for all of Europe insuring greater future and enrichment.

Fekete-Kovács Kornél’s (flugelhorn) and Kuba Stankiewicz’s (piano) music shows so many similar traits. For both artists, knowledge of and respect for tradition, discovering their roots, and passing on and interpreting their heritage - are of extreme importance. Both of them seek depth, restraint and delicacy in performance style and composition. Perhaps what characterizes their ensemble work the most is that we hear their pasts in the music. The album “Bridges” is not simply several pieces of music, but musical works born of concrete dramatic elements.


Szent Efrém Men’s Chorus, established in 2002, is one of Hungary’s most well-known vocal ensembles. Szent Efrém Men’s Chorus is dedicated to continuing the Hungarian men’s chorus tradition and performance of contemporary choral music. They host the Orientale Lumen series. Their director, Bubnó Tamás is a Liszt Award winner and has been named a Hungarian ‘Artist of Excellence’. The chorus is a conscious advocate for the universal language of music, cultural diversity and enrichment of international cultural connections. Their success abroad began in Poland and the material they present there regularly reflects their three-sided mission: research and presentation of the vocal heritage of the Christian world, fostering the Hungarian men’s chorus tradition and popularizing contemporary vocal music. All three directions show that the time is right for this recording of Hungarian and Polish choral music.

This record "Benedicamus" presents an area of Polish and Hungarian music that is barely known to the greater public. Compositions of an extremely high standard and quality by great classical masters of the two nations: Polish composers - Lutosławski, Penderecki and Twardowski; and men’s choral works by Hungarian composers Liszt, Kodály and Bartók. There are four sacred works on the program. Franz Liszt’s “Psalm 129” from his “Szent Szaniszló Oratory” (De profundis –
A mélységekből kiáltok hozzád...) written in his old age about the great Polish saint. Krzysztof Penderecki’s psalm-motett “Benedicamus Domino” based on a melody from the Middle Ages. And two works by Romuald Twardowski in Polish: the “Our father” and the 134th Psalm (Íme, most áldjátok az Urat, Ti az Úr minden szolgái) – both masterpieces of Polish sacred music.

The five secular compositions on the record are based on Polish and Hungarian folk music sources. For his men’s choral piece (1937), Kodály used one of the most well known Hungarian folk melodies and a famous poem by Endre Ady – both called: “Felszállott a páva”. Two years later he finished his symphonic work on the same melody “Páva-variációk” which became popular world-wide.



The other Kodály piece is the master’s most popular choral work which is sung in 36 languages the world over: a weary wanderer’s prayer as he goes to rest “Esti dal”. We also hear six folk songs from the rarely-heard varied and musically colorful cycle of ten Polish military songs for men’s chorus by Witold Lutosławski (completed in 1951). Béla Bartók composed a total of six works for men’s chorus, two of which we hear sung by Szent Efrém Men’s Chorus: the 1926 version of “Négy régi magyar népdal” [“Four Old Hungarian Folk Songs”]; and one of his most brilliant vocal works of the 20th century in three movements “Elmult időkből” [“From Olden Times”] from 1936 - a soul-stirring picture of the life, sufferings and joys of a person who works the land. This was the last piece Bartók wrote for male chorus.

Új Pátria CD Series – the complete set of 68 CDs is now available in special packaging

2018-06-08 11:12:53

The results of the largest traditional music collection project in the Carpathian Basin

The largest traditional music collection project ever carried out in the Carpathian Basin; the complete set of 68 CDs from the Final Hour program have been re-issued by the Fonó in special packaging.

Instrumental folk music from all over the Carpathian Basin selected from several thousand hours of material.

Each CD contains representative examples of instrumental village music presenting the character, atmosphere and variety of the traditional music in each region or sub-region of Transylvania, Hungary, Slovakia, Voivodina. Hungarian ethnomusicologists specializing in the specific regions have selected the material for each CD. The researchers were: Agócs Gergely, Árendás Péter, Avar Panni, Bodor Anikó, Juhász Zoltán, Kelemen László, Konkoly Elemér, Németh István, Pávai István, Vavrinecz András, ifj. Vitányi Iván

Buy the records here


More about the Final Hour collection project here

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 Sorry, but this content is only available in Hungarian.

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2020-04-06 09:53:51

  Április 4-én, szombaton online díjátadó keretében jelentették be a Fonogram-díjakat. Nagy örömünkre két lemezünk is Fonogram-díjas lett, két különböző kategóriában:

LAJKÓ FÉLIX & VOLOSI nép- és világzene kategóriában
CIMBALIBAND és Danics Dóra: Iram c. lemeze pedig szórakoztatószene kategóriában

Nagyon büszkék vagyunk, és gratulálunk az alkotóknak - és természetesen minden díjazottnak!


A művészek videóüzenetben mondtak köszönetet a díjakért:

Unger Balázs (Cimbaliband) és Danics Dóra >>


Lajkó Félix >>

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2020-04-09 15:07:22

 N ow in their 12th year, the awards celebrate the remarkable range of musical talent from around the world covered in Songlines magazine throughout 2019.


All the nominees in the geographical categories were chosen by our ace team of contributors based around the world and the Best Artist and Best Group nominees were voted by you, the Songlines readers. The winners of these categories will be announced in the June issue (#158, out May 15) and the Newcomer and World Pioneer award winners will be announced at a Songlines Music Awards event later this year. More details about this to be announced.


Songlines Music Awards 2020 nominees - full list >>

The Songlines Music Awards 2020 playlist featuring tracks from all the nominees is now available >>

2020-10-15 11:14:58

It is currently not possible to collect your order in person

2021-03-09 13:27:32

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