Balázs Elemér Group: Celebration 20&10

FA 450-2
Fonó, 2020
Barcode: 5 998048 545025

One of Hungary’s most popular jazz bands and two time winner of the Fonogram prize, Balázs Elemér Group celebrates their 20th birthday with their 10th studio recording. This celebratory album presents original tunes written by each member of the group.

With "Celebration 20 & 10" and mainly through the group members’ own compositions we can get to know something of their past, their harmonies and the kinds of friendships that connect these musicians. We can become part of the extraordinary musical world that has evolved and grown over the two past decades.

As usual a Hungarian folk song found its way onto the new record; as well as a salute to two musicians who are important to the band: Lyle Mays and Michel Legrand.


Balázs Elemér Group is 20 years old! I am so proud of my band! It has brought me such pleasure since I founded it in the year 2000. Over the past two decades we have given many, many concerts both in Hungary and abroad and we are happy to be able to represent Hungary abroad playing at festivals, clubs and concerts.
Our audiences give us great strength and happiness – we are grateful. Over the past twenty years many wonderful musicians have played in the band and we thank them for the success they have brought us. I really like our present line-up of musicians! We work and play well together and I hope we’ll be together for a long time. Crowning our celebration are new compositions from each member of the group on this new recording. Actually we work as a group - not only in making this album, but composing the music as well. It is nice to share the creative process. I would especially like to thank my brother Balázs József, without whom ‘the BEG sound’ would be unimaginable. He is the heart of the band and my right hand. Many thanks to all the managers, organizers, record labels, drivers, sound engineers, sponsors and friends who have helped us along the way.
We are proud that MOL, one of Hungary’s leading companies, stands behind us with their support. I hope that our music continues to provide much pleasure.
” (Balázs Elemér)

1. Zephyr 7.06
2. Chess Piece 5.37
3. Silhouette 4.38
4. Celebration 5.07
5. Secret 4.11
6. Rising up 6.30
7. Dedicated to Lyle Mays 1.55
8. Mag 5.11
9. Ant 3.53
10. Once upon a summertime 5.06
11. Ha elindul ez a vonat 5.31

The band and concert have received support from MOL.

Balázs Elemér – drum
Horváth Cintia – voice
Szakonyi Milán – voice
Balázs József – piano
Komjáti Áron – guitar
Lakatos Pecek Krisztián – double bass
Czibere József – percussion

Photo, cover design: Kiss Dóra
Graphics, layout: Szilasi Marianne
Recording, mixing and mastering: Mohai György, Pannonia Studio
Producer: Horváth László
Fonó Budai Zeneház, 2020

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