Bazseva: Első bekezdés

Fa 296-2
Total time: 58,15
Bar code: 5998048529629

The music of Bazseva is energetic, delicate and impressive at the same time. The two vocalists’ different styles can complete each other astonishingly, the band’s knowledge of creative scoring is simply brilliant.

Bazseva band was formed by six young folk musicians in Budapest. In Roma languages the word ”bazseva” means

making music, or a jam session. Members of the band are well-known musicians: Júlia Paár(vocal), Endre Papp (viola), András Bognár (doublebass) are all members of Tárkány Művek, another world music band. Sára Horváth (vocal) from Magyarvista Social Club has also joined the group, as did Tamás Nyitrai (violin) - a professor at Liszt Academy, and Dániel Szabó on the cimbalom. They created this album by sampling from authentic folk musicrecordings. The result is a representation of the colourful musical traditions of the Carpathian Basin.

The members have chosen folk music as their way of self-expression. In their opinion folk music is just as much part of urban culture as jazz, rock, or hip-hop is. As young city dwellers, they use folk music as their mother tongue in music, so to speak. They prefer to stay away from all the cliches that outwardly present one as a folk music-lover. They only want to show the ancient power and force of folk music.

On this album you can find revival folk melodies and covers from Transylvania, from the Ormánság and the Banat region. Their secret is in the two vocalists’ complementing voices, and at the same time totally different styles, as well as in the band’s knowledge and in their creative musical setting.

1. Kezdetben
2. Fülemüle
3. Zi ma!
4. A keméri leányok
5. Igazaké
6. Nem mind arany
7. Verbunk
8. Mit is tud
9. A jánki vásáron
10. Cimbalmos úr
11. Kolo
12. Októberben

Sára Nina Horváth - vocal
Julianna Paár Julianna - vocal
Tamás Nyitrai - violin
András Bognár - double bass, cello
EndresPapp - viola
Dániel Szabó - hammered dulcimer, vocal




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