Besh o droM 20 - photo book with CD

FA 446-2
2019, Fonó
Bar code: 5 998048 544622

Besh o droM was formed abruptly, without any market research, member recruitment, or joint education. Instead, it came together more like an answer to a question that had not yet been asked.People who didn’t obviously fit together, with mixed and at first glance mismatched musical styles, feverish endeavors and impatience. Since then, in the two decades that have passed by, their music has not become any more predictable, static or easy to define, rather Besh o droM has become the style and the trademark. „They’ve made their own way.”


The music can be heard through Gábor Kardos’ concert photography, it can see, and make you see the music. He suddenly appeared in the front row, smiling modestly, and it was only the next day we learned just how ruthlessly he could expose. What he records onto stills remains in motion, what was heard continues to ring through his images.


1. Atom Csocsek
2. Száll a kakukk
3. Jamange
4. Hilti turbó
5. Noch dazu
6. Vaságy
7. Pergető
8. Kisbarra
9. Hat hét
10. Bál
11. Piramange
12. Kiskert


The band:
Kaszai Lili vocals
Pettik Ádám vocals, percussion
Barcza Gergely saxophone, kaval, EWI, clarinet
Herr Attila bass
Hámori Máté guitar
Csurkulya József cimbalom
Seres Vilmos clarinet, accordion
Molnár Tamás Gergely saxophone
Szumper Ákos drums (tracks 1, 2 ,5 ,8)


Vadász Péter drums (tracks 4, 10 ,11 ,12)
Somos Péter drums (track 3)
Mihalik Ábel drums (track 6)


Special thanks to Gábor Molnár, Recorded in Budapest, Bristol, Jerusalem. Mixing: Gergely Barcza, Aba Hilkiya Studio, Jerusalem. Layout: Nora Pettik, text: pettikagi
Fonó Budai Zeneház


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