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Miklós Both and The Palimo Story

FA 303-2
Total time: 48,29

”Finally a real talent seeker, who fights against indifference: Miklós Both and his team has found Hungarian and Gipsy musicians of unbelievable energy in Dávod, from around the Jász region, and in Baranya county. They have travelled more than 10.000 kilometres to find talented musicians in the less developed parts of Hungary. These new talents became the members of the band Palimo Story which rocks harder than Buena Vista!”

Palimo Story is one of the most imporant undertakings in the world of Hungarian music.
It is the brainchild of Miklós Both and Sándor Csoóri Jr. ’Sündi’, members of Buda Folk Band.

In the Autumn of 2013 they embarked on a talent search, looking for talented musicians not known outside their neighbourhood. They travelled more than 10.000 kilometres mainly visiting Gipsy communities in the less developed parts of the country.
At the end ten musicians were chosen (seven of them are selfeducated Gipsies), who learnt the songs composed by Miklós Both. These musicians are from Salgótarján, Mohács, Dávod, the Jász region, Pécs, and Kápolna.
A new style was born, which blends tunes from all musical cultures in Hungarian cities and villages. ”Another hidden message of this undertaking is the fact that in a modern scoring the folk tradition of the Carpathian Basin could remain archaic
and become contemporary at the same time!”- said Sándor Csoóri Jr. ’Sündi’

The Band:

Miklós Both – The project leader, composer, guitar

Sándor Csoóri ‘Sündi’ – viola

Richárd Rácz  – keyboard

Tamás Balog "Cérna" – tambura

Zoltán Gárgyán  – sax.

Péter Horváth – drum

Csobán Sára Csobán – sax.

Géza Kállai – bass guitar

János Báder "Dzsoni" – hammered dulcimer

Richárd Milák - guitar

Márti Bíró  – vocal 

Dániel Olád "Kobra" - vocal


1. Aki engem keres                              

2. Miért nincs otthonom                      

3. Istenem                                          

4. Hajnal                                          

5. Ha jön az éj                                    

6. Szerettelek sok ideig                        

7. Ez a dolog jó dolog – Lassú                   

8. Ez a dolog jó dolog – Csárdás               

9. Ez a dolog jó dolog – Friss                 

10. Hallgató         

Composer: Miklós Both, lyric: Tibor Babiczky, Miklós Both

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