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Both Miklós FolkSide: Star nest

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”Everyone in this formation is a well-known, accomplished musician and a good album is expected from us. Working together is not just virtuoso solutions, there is also drama and lyrical sections. The result is very strong music.” Miklós Both The group that formed after the Copenhagen WOMEX has come up with one of the best Hungarian world music albums of the past few years.

Miklós Both started this group in 2011 for the WOMEX opening party during a program called "Hungarian Heartbeats", which presented the best Hungarian folk, world music and ethno jazz musicians.

The members of FolkSide all participated in this program, performing in various formations, and then - as the legend goes - they decided to form a band on the flight home. The members of this ensemble are all top musicians on the Hungarian world music and jazz scene: Miklós Both (guitar), Balázs Szokolay Dongó (wind instruments), Miklós Lukács (cymbalom), Csaba Novák (double bass), András Dés (percussion)

FolkSide - with its unusual and acoustic scoring, poetical lyrics, and music that constantly inspires each musician in the band - has created a totally new and rare musical world.  Strong energies and lyricism enhance one another; folk music, rock’n’roll and psychedelia, the grotesque and the ironic - all work together.

1. Kelj fel napon
2. Kövek között
3. Csillagfészek
4. Erdő
5. Juhászkutyák ugatnak
6. A távozó
7. A szerelemről
8. De sötétlik…
9. A túlsó part felé

Miklós Both (guitar, vocals), Balázs Szokolay Dongó (wind instruments), Miklós Lukács (cymbalom), Csaba Novák (double bass), András Dés András (percussion).

Music: Miklós Both; Lyrics: Tibor Babiczky (1., 3., 6.), Miklós Both (4., 8.), Babiczky-Both (2., 9.) authentic (5., 7.) 

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