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Cimbaliband: Ablakimba

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Total time: 55:30

Bartók said, "Folk music is a natural phenomenon", and then he shut off his gramophone with which he was recording the Ablakimba, ablakimba entitled folk song somewhere on the outskirts of the commune of Tura in Pest County. On his collecting trips he had heard incredible amount of material, but even in his wildest dreams he did not realize what kind of impact modern civilization would have on folk music. Just like the gramophone, in the span of 100 years, evolving into an mp3 player, the idea of folk music has also changed to suit our present needs.

While traveling, the Cimbaliband has visited countless countries, and even if they did not endeavour to collect material from these regions like Bartók did before them, they nonetheless had the opportunity to play with Romanians, Spaniards, Serbs, Italians and many more, sampling at once the many variations of musical styles that the world has to offer. They brought with them from every regon a little souvenir int he form of music.

Therefore, as you can hear on this CD, the cimbalom is played not only in its accustomed surroundings, but also in a Latin bossa-nova style, or in a Turkish tune, or even in a Rock 'n' Roll number, perhaps in the end legitimizing the moniker that journalists have given Balázs Unger as "The cimbalom1s Chuck Berry".


Eszter Szita - voice

Balázs Unger - cimbalom, voice

Gellért Boda - violin

Péter Pataj - double bass, bass guitar

Gergő Unger - guitar, vocal

Dániel Horváth - drum, derbuka, cajon, can

Agatics Krunoszláv "Kico" - accordion



György Ferenczi - harmonica

Péter Makó - saxophone, tárogató

Gergely Tóth - viola

Máté Solymosi - violin


1. Idegenföld

2. Fenn a csillag

3. Kalapos

4. Ablakimba

5. Hárombé

6. Én az éjjel

7. Vágy (Sehnaz Longa)

8. Igénytelen dal

9. Kimondani nem lehet

10. Bonus track - Fenn a csillag (Radio Edit)

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