Cimbaliband is like a true Eastern European metropolis. Traces of bygone eras, mixed with modern matter – It’s in constant motion, swarming but it works. It is a true multi-cultural cavalcade. "Bunyevác" accordionist, Hungarian fiddler, Croatian tambura-player, Gypsy bassist, Germanian-Hungarian cimbalist. Members are from different type of music. Hungarian folk music, classical music, jazz, folk...More »

Cimbaliband: Feketetó

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Total time: 56:02

Cimbaliband is a pioneering initiative led by cymbalom and accordion

CimbaliBand is a formation led by cymbalom and accordion - which counts as a pioneering initiative. The harmony of the two instruments along with the singing, violin, tambura, double bass and derbuka make up CimbaliBand's unique voice. The music played exclusively on acoustic instruments is nourished by the deepest roots - while at the same time is fresh, contemporary and dynamic.

Balázs Unger - cymbalom, viola, vocal
Szlobodán Wertetics - accordion, vocal
Eszter Szita - vocal
Gellért Boda - viola, violin
Gergő Unger - guitar, vocal
Krisztián Rodek - tambura, derbuka, vocal
Péter Pataj - double bass

Anita Kis - back up vocal
István Pál  "Szalonna" - violin
Jeremy Barnes - accordion
Heather Throst - violin

1. Kanász / Swineherd
2. Leányvásár / Maiden Fair
3. Turceasca Oro
4. Legényes / Lad's Dance (Swing in Cluj)
5. Dúdolós / Humming song
6. Bucaresti Express
7. Páratlan érzés / Irregular Feeling
8. Bánat / Sorrow
9. Ördög útja / The Devil's Path
10. De szépen szól a cimbalom / How Beautiful The Cimbalom

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