Cimbaliband is like a true Eastern European metropolis. Traces of bygone eras, mixed with modern matter – It’s in constant motion, swarming but it works. It is a true multi-cultural cavalcade. "Bunyevác" accordionist, Hungarian fiddler, Croatian tambura-player, Gypsy bassist, Germanian-Hungarian cimbalist. Members are from different type of music. Hungarian folk music, classical music, jazz, folk...More »

Cimbaliband: Szívtánc (Dance of the Heart)

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Total time: 33,14

Music, dance, love. This record builds on these three foundations.

Music, dance and love: We are sure that everyone has had some experience with at least one of these. In "Szívtánc" (dance of the heart) - the borders dissolve, we can travel around the world - not only in space but in music as well.


Eszter Szita - vocal,
Balázs Unger - cymbalom, viola,
Gellért Boda - violin
Gyula Lázár - bass guitar
Dániel Horváth - drums, percussion,
Gergő Unger - electric guitar, vocal,
Agatics Krunoszláv "Kico" - accordion

01. Villanypásztor 5:35

02. Balkánia 6:08

03. ZsMo 7:01

04. Kardtánc 3:20

05. Hegyisztepp 3:06

06. Napom, napom 3:00

07. Swing-csinger 4:44

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