Cimbaliband is like a true Eastern European metropolis. Traces of bygone eras, mixed with modern matter – It’s in constant motion, swarming but it works. It is a true multi-cultural cavalcade. "Bunyevác" accordionist, Hungarian fiddler, Croatian tambura-player, Gypsy bassist, Germanian-Hungarian cimbalist. Members are from different type of music. Hungarian folk music, classical music, jazz, folk...More »

Cimbaliband: Vidámpark

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Total time: 36,58

”This album of Cimbaliband is one of the bests on the ’folkish pop’ scene. It’s scoring is the most folkish, and not counting the drum, they only play traditional folk instruments. Their music is so full of energy; they manage to avoid fusion, but they do it with such an ease, that the result is a seamless blend of folk songs and dance house tunes.”

Fun-fair is the seventh album of Cimbaliband, on which they follow, as well as enwiden the musical road they chose to travel on eight years ago. Their music feeds on different traditions: Hungarian folk music, classical and jazz music, rock’n’roll, and music from the Balkans are all mixed together. 

In the middle there is the cimbalom, which perfectly fits their artistic fantasies with its rhythmic possibilities, and lends itself easily to improvisation. This time the band made an album that includes only their own compositions. Truly great dance music.

”If you have seen Black Cat White Cat from Kusturica, or listened to Taraf de Haidouks, or the Boban Markovic Orkestar, then our music will not be unfamiliar to you!”


1. Vár ránk a világ

2. Úton vagyunk

3. Hullámvasút

4. Aki szeret

5. Hétfő

6. Habiszti Guszti

7. Waltzer

8. Jöjjünk össze

9. Túl a vizen

10. Dúdal

11. Balatoni nyaraló



Eszter Szita Eszter - vocal

Balázs Unger - hammered dulcimer, viola, vocal

Gellért Boda - violin

Gyula Lázár - double bass, bass guitar

Dániel Horváth - drums, percussion

Agatics Krunoszláv - accordion

Gergő Unger - guitar, vocal

Featuring: Halott Pénz - rap (8.), Péter Bede - szaxofon (1,2,3,10)

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