Miklós Lukács - Trio Cimbiózis

Miklós Lukács is one of the world's best and most sought-after cymbalom artists. He is member of countless formations, appears as a guest artist, and his name can be found on many recordings.  In 2013 he formed his own trio with drummer István Baló and double bassist György Orbán. Their name "Cimbiózis" was Lukács's idea since as he says,  "the symbiosis...More »

Miklós Lukács - Trió Cimbiózis: Budapest anzix

FA 376-2
Playing time: 53,90
Bar code: 5998048537624

“(…) The musical world of Miklós Lukács seems to be telling us stories. Dramatic passions, events are taking place, presented with surprising power; the cimbalom appears to the listener as a speaker of some human tongue. Of course, this isn’t just about big bravados and loud tirades, the instrument handles quiet whispers just as well.” - Lángoló Gitárok blog

 An artistic piece’s worth may be measured by how close we can get to its creator through the piece itself. To Miklós Lukács and his band, through their new album you can get close to. Very. They open the gates wide and if you listen you may learn a lot through the music about their relationship to the city and their feelings. Lukács Miklós – Cimbiózis trio are sending postcards from quiet daybreaks, from the Budapest stampeding through a colour-filled day and resting in a mystical and serene night. About the city, where music, love and affection can be found. Where they now live but will once leave behind.

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