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The Csík Band has been active for more than twenty-five years, and is the most popular performer in Hungary for Hungarian folk and world music. During these decades the members of the band first acquired and studied folk music, and then performed it at concerts and in ‘dance houses’ both in Hungary and abroad.  In the past few years the band have chosen a track to try to offer an unexpected, but pleasant...More »

Csík Band: What you hide in your heart

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Total time: 55:00

Csík band is considered to be the founder of the Hungarian folk and world music genre. They became popular with the fusion of authentic folk music and of those legendary Hungarian beat and rock songs. Their style is traditional and modern at the same time.

This is the 10th album of the band, that is considered to be the founder of the Hungarian folk and world music genre.
They became popular with mixtures of authentic folk and Hungarian beat and rock songs.
This time there are not only authentic folk tracks, and folk-rock fusion on their album, but you can also listen to their own compositions as well.
The palette is wide, the folk songs from Szászcsávás, the Kalotaszeg, Mezőség, and the historical Upper Hungary region are mixed blues, with alternative rock hits, poems, classical themes, flamenco, and their own tracks of pop music.

”In the past quarter century we have been through pleasant challenges, noisy successes, and rather instructive experiences.I believe, that now the time has come again for us to prove that we deserve the trust and love of our audience.
We try to 
show in our music that in this quickly changing world, where people slowly forget the beauty of life, we are all frail but still loveable, and are people who respect our common values.” János Csík


1. A faluban…Szászcsávási tánczene (Kunos Tamás)
2. Csak egy dallam (Szabó Attila)
3. Erzsébeti szvit…Kalotaszegről 
a, Eleredt a könnyem… (Szabó Attila) 
b, How mountain girls can love (Ruby Rakes – Carter Stanley)
4. Mesél az erdő (Földes László – Póka Egon – Tátrai Tibor – Szabó Attila)
5. Oláhos, ahogy nekem tetszik (Makó Péter)
6. Hallgató és szlovák forduló (Barcza Zsolt)
7. Születtem, érkeztem… (Szabó Attila)
8. Zár az égbolt (Kispál András – Lovasi András – Tóth Zoltán – Szabó Attila)
9. Ember, fa (Csík János – Porteleki László – Ratkó József)
10. Adagio Swingissimo (Lakatos Róbert – Csík János)
11. Múltidéző (Majorosi Marianna)
12. Köszöntő (Barcza Zsolt – Majorosi Marianna)
13. Ráadás: Egyszer (Presser Gábor)


Csík Band

Zsolt Barcza - hammered dulcimer, accordion

József Bartók – double bass

János Csík - violin, vocal

Tamás Kunos Tamás – viola, drum, vocal

Marianna Majorosi - vocal

Péter Makó - turkish pipe, sax., clarinet, zither, vocal  

Attila Szabó Attila – violin, guitar, ukulele, vocal



Antal Fekete „Puma” – viola

György Ferenczi & The Rackajam

Róbert Lakatos Róbert - viola

László Porteleki László - viola

Magdolna Rúzsa - vocal

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