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The Csík Band has been active for more than twenty-five years, and is the most popular performer in Hungary for Hungarian folk and world music. During these decades the members of the band first acquired and studied folk music, and then performed it at concerts and in ‘dance houses’ both in Hungary and abroad.  In the past few years the band have chosen a track to try to offer an unexpected, but pleasant...More »

Csík Band: With heart and soul - Farewell concert to the year 2009

Total time: CD 92:43, DVD 56:55

Csík Band's first live album and DVD.

 "It has been a nice tradition in the life of our band for some years that we say good-bye to the old year on 30th December within the framework of a concert. First this was held in the town of Kecskemét, then in Fonó Music Hall in Budapest. In 2009, however, it was moved to Millenáris Teátrum because of the growing interest. It was an occasion to celebrate several things along with our audience. It was a successful year for us. We were awarded the Hungarian Heritage Prize, the Kodály Prize of the town of Kecskemét, and we could feel the affection of our fans all the year round. It was a present not only for the audience, but for us as well that in this evening we could play together with musicians like Gábor Presser, Mihály Dresch, and Tibor Kiss.

 In the past it was rock music, which was nourished by folk music. In the music of the Csík Band folk music embraces rock music, retaining the values of authentic village music, the fruits of human thoughts and feelings, while sensing the drifting power of pop and rock music, which have a strong effect on many people in our changing world.
This film has preserved not only the touching atmosphere of the concert and the high spirits of the successive dance house, but also the nostalgy concert at midnight, where hits from the sixties were played and the atmosphere resembled new year’s eves. The merrymaking that lasted until dawn was also recorded.
We hope you will enjoy it." - Csík Band


Zsolt Barcza Jr. – Hungarian cimbalom, accordion, electronic organ, voice
József Bartók – double bass, voice
János Csík – fiddle, voice
Tamás Kunos – viola, voice
Marianna Majorosi – voice
Péter Makó – saxophone, clarinet, taragot
Attila Szabó – fiddle, guitar, first tambur, voice


Mihály Dresch – saxophone, voice (3,6,7,9,15)
István ‘Szalonna’ Pál – fiddle (4,15)
Gábor Presser – piano, melodica, voice (6,7,10,11,15)
Tibor Kiss – voice, guitar, guitalele (7,10,11,15)


track title:
1. Mostan kinyílt egy szép rózsavirág
2. Kiskunsági oláhos, csárdás és friss
3. Magyarszováti furulya muzsika és négyes
4. Ez a vonat, ha elindult, hadd menjen…
5. Te majd kézen fogsz és hazavezetsz
6. Csillag vagy fecske
7. Sehol se talállak
8. Most múlik pontosan
9. Szórakoztató pásztordal mulatozáskor
10. Kiskunhalasi hallgató csárdás és friss
11. „Én vagyok az aki nem jó…”


1. Mostan kinyílt egy szép rózsa virág
2. Kiskunsági oláhos, csárdás és friss
3. Magyarszováti furulya muzsika és négyes
4. Az árgyélus kismadár
5. Vas megyei népdal, régi lakodalmas csárdás Szombathelyről
6. Ez a vonat, ha elindult hadd menjen
7. Te majd kézen fogsz és hazavezetsz
8. Gyimesi héjsza szívből, bár egy kicsit gátlástalanul
9. Csillag vagy fecske
10. Sehol se talállak
11. Most múlik pontosan
12. Magyarpéterlaki asztali nóta, forduló és cigánycsárdás
13.A. Szórakoztató Pásztordal mulatozáskor
13.B. Kiskunhalasi hallgató csárdás és friss
14. Én vagyok az aki nem jó
15. A boldogságtól ordítani tudnék
16. Gondolsz-e majd rám
17. Alvarez
18. Kocsmába menet (A, Blue moon B, Jutka C, Lökd ide a sört)

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