Mihály Dresch

"Music and life with Mihály Dresch always creates an organic unity of intensity....For him it is natural that the sounds coming from within cling to his native land and wider environment... ...Dresch has never tried to play faithful renditions of mainstream American music - rather his form of expression has been full of his own culture - mainly folk music. He has not tried to make good or bad copies of music imported...More »

Dresch Dudás Mihály Quartet: ...Winding...

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Total time: 74:05

I have always liked the evolving musical process I feel that this gives the real chance to emerge in music. In addition to the process the music of the quartet is played on acoustical instruments, not by chance. We think that the music played on acoustical instruments is much nicer and more expressive for us.- Mihály Dresch



Mihály Dresch – soprano and tenor sax, cimbalom, bass clarinet, flute

Ferenc Kovács – violin, turmpet

Tamás Sándor Geröly – drums, percussion

Róbert Benkő – double bass


track title:

1. Kellj fel juhász / Wake Up Shepard

2. Profána / Profana

3. Fény-árnyék / Light-Shade

4. Folyondár / Winding

    Áradás / Flood

    Áttetsző víz / Transparent Water

    Sodrásban / In Turbulence

5. Hazafelé / On The Way Home

6. Lábnyomok / Footprints

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