Mihály Dresch

"Music and life with Mihály Dresch always creates an organic unity of intensity....For him it is natural that the sounds coming from within cling to his native land and wider environment... ...Dresch has never tried to play faithful renditions of mainstream American music - rather his form of expression has been full of his own culture - mainly folk music. He has not tried to make good or bad copies of music imported...More »

Dresch Quartet: Gate and garden

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Total time: 50,55

”...what they say about Mihály Dresch is true. He is a hero: he has been following his own path for two decades, fusing Hungarian folk music with jazz, but never losing sight of the Bartók tradition - as if the Village Vanguard were in Méra.”

The pieces on this album are Mihály Dresch's compositions. As for all his recordings, a very personal and intimate musical language also characterizes this album.
Putting Hungarian folk music together with jazz so dynamically is more than just a style: it is a personal philosophy. Miklós
Lukács (cymbalom), Ernő Hock (double bass), and István Baló (drums) are Dresch's musical companions on this album. 

”He doesn't think of himself as creator of a genre - though in fact he is. There is no other artist who could mix the harmony and improvisation techniques of American black jazz with the spirit of the Hungarian folk music tradition , and do so with such ease. These completely different worlds unite almost naturally, and create quintessential quality. This is
’Hungarian jazz’. For Mihály Dresch, playing music over the last 35 years has always meant a search for his personal identity, he has lived inside, built up from inside, and lived his own way intractably and consistently, irrespective of modernity or success.”
Szilárd Béla Jávorszky

1. Át a kőtengeren (M. Gizi Néni emlékére) / Dresch 10:53

2. Ereszkedő / Dresch 13:08

3. Futás Miska / Dresch 3:59

4. Kapu és kert  / Dresch 9:33

5. Széki köszöntő / trad./arr., Dresch 6:52

6. Bizalom (Zsuzsinak ajánlom) / Dresch  6:27


Mihály Dresch - tenor and soprano sax, fuhun, vocals

Miklós Lukács  - cymbalom

Ernő Hock -  double bass

István Baló -  drums (Gustavito drums made in Hungary)

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