Mihály Dresch

"Music and life with Mihály Dresch always creates an organic unity of intensity....For him it is natural that the sounds coming from within cling to his native land and wider environment... ...Dresch has never tried to play faithful renditions of mainstream American music - rather his form of expression has been full of his own culture - mainly folk music. He has not tried to make good or bad copies of music imported...More »

Dresch Quartet: Still Voyage

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Total time: 54:57

Its eccentric, unrestrained, well-polished pulse – coming neither entirely from jazz, nor from folk music of the Carpathian Basin, now bears a knowing self-confidence.


Mihály Dresch “Dudás” - tenor and soprano saxophone

Ferenc Kovács - violin

Mátyás Szandai – double bass

István Baló - drum  



Balázs Unger - cimbalom


track title:

1. Tedd rá

2. Békesség - Csodafa

3. Gergely

4. Nagy puszta

5. Billegős

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