Eastwing: Outlaw

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A popular Hungarian folk song including everything which is Eastwing. A meeting of jazz grooves, different ethno and folk songs of the Carpathian Basin mixed with the traditions of jazz rock.

The band was established in 2005 by Shankar Lal and Gábor Kéri. Originally, they wanted to mix Native American and Hungarian folk music.
As Gábor Kéri, a student of Ferenc Snétberger, became more and more inspired by Gipsy folk songs, he invited Jenő Farkas (cimbalom) and Frankie Lato (violin), and from the world of jazz Tibor Eichinger (guitar). István Megyaszay (bass) and Péter Szendőfi (drum) have also joined them. Last but not least, Kornél Mogyoró plays on percussion instruments.

After Gergely Agócs (folk musician and vocalist) joined the band, their sound gained new momentum and a new direction.
On this album we can enjoy their own tunes, as well as folk covers, jazz interpretations, and pieces from Gergely Agócs’s Asian collection.


Gábor Kéri • guitar, Látó Frankie • violin, Gergely Agócs • vocal, authentic instruments, Tibor Eichinger • guitar,
István Megyaszay • bass guitar, Kornél Mogyoró • percussion, Péter Szendőfi Péter • drums



Komáromi Kisleány



Csillagok Intro


Hey, Chico

Szereti a tik a meggyet




New Generation

A Kalapos Ember




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