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Fonó Band: Hateha! - Best tunes from the dance house

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Total time: 66:23

These are the tunes that were "hits" in the beginning years of Budapest's dance house movement.

The dance house or "táncház" movement began in Budapest In the beginning of the 1970s: it brought a new wave of folk music and a new social millieu for urban Hungarian youth. The folk music and dances of Transylvania were wildly popular from the start. Here Fonó Band and guests play the most popular táncház tunes of the village of Szék and dance cycles from the Mezőség and Kalotaszeg regions.

Gergely Agócs - vocals
Tamás Gombai - violin, vocals
Istvá Pál "Szalonna" - violin, vocals
Sándor D. Tóth - viola, vocals
Zsolt Kürtösi - double bass



Antal Fekete "Puma" - viola
Vándor Vokál: Tünde Farkas, Kata Izsák, Judit Szluka - vocals
Andrea Navratil - vocals
Judit Szentkereszty - vocals
András Berecz - vocals
László Papp - vocals

1. Széki
2. Mezőségi
3. Kalotaszegi
4. Hajnali



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