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  The members of the Fonó Folk Band have been working together since 1997 in Budapest . Band members are devoted to the performance, teaching and researching of authentic folk music at a professional level. Their musical repertoire consists primarily of instrumental and vocal folk music and true- to-tradition arrangements of the instrumental and vocal folk music of the peoples of the Carpathian Basin.     Fonó...More »

Fonó Ensemble: Wildbaroque

FA 277-2
Bar code: 5998048527725
Total time: 72,23

Fonó Band is a táncház band that does 'second generation new wave' Hungarian folk music. Their style strives for hidden dimensions for uninitiated listeners, trying out new color and mood in a strictly traditional framework.

Our record presents the wilder, folkier versions of baroque chamber is music we learned from our masters - the traditional village musicians....


Andrea Navratil - voice
Gergely Agócs - voice, bagpipe, cobza
Tamás Gombai - violin
István Pál "Szalonna" - violin
Bálint Tárkány Kovács - cimbalom
Sándor Tóth - viola
Zsolt Kürtösi - double bass, harmonium


Judit Andrejszki - harpsichord
András Derecskei - violin
Gyula Horváth - cobza
Zsolt Szabó - viola da gamba
Balázs Winkler - cornett

track title:
1. Preludium, Örvénylő / Preludium, Whirling
2. Minarocka mlada / The miller's young wife
3. Szegfű, rózsa, rozmaring / Clove, rose, rosemary
4. Ha szívedben sok a bánat / If there's a lot of grief in your heart
5. Három katonaének / The soldier's songs
6. Magyar maestoso / Hungarian maestoso
7. Három istenes ének / Three pious songs
8. Kebelembe / Kebelembe
9. Ködnevelő szellő / Fog-rearing breeze
10. Világ szája, szívnek zabolája, Tobzódó / World's mouth, heart's snaffle, Abounding



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