The Hungarian folk-scene is colorful and exciting. Some tend to hold on to the original sounds, others seek inspiration in contemporary genres. Thus everyone is in some way re-forming their own musical heritage.

Foremost among the many young and talented performers on this scene is the Góbé band, formed in 2007.
The „alt-folk-fellas”, as their fans call them, are familiar faces in the inner-city-clubs of Budapest and the dance-houses, as well as the best summer festivals in Hungary.

Their music is rooted in the traditional village music of the Carpathian Basin, with a loose connection to elements of jazz, blues, country and classical music. Their brilliantly crafted songs are sometimes ironic, but always exploit to the full the energy and atmosphere of different genres. The group's grand ambition is to make folk music fashionable again, but in a form that is fresh and enjoyable for everyone.

Not authentic enough to be classified as traditional folk yet too folky for popular music and further enriched by classical influences, Gobé truly defies conventional genre categorization.

"Without electric instruments, I think they have brought about something like word music"
(László Porteleki, members of Muzsikás Esemble)

"All we want to do is good music, we are maneuvering around our borders and suddenly the music is born. When we started to prepare rearrangements, a little bit I felt as if we had left the "parental home". Many people met folk traditions first time through our music, and it feels good that we could bring this music into their home. " - Imre Csasznyi - member of Góbé

“We were so much about to listen to such music. Since we did not find any, we made it for ourselves.” - Adam Kiss B. - member od Góbé

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Góbé: That's the way it goes

2.500 HUF


Góbé: ZENG

2.500 HUF


Góbé Band: Bartók 44 Duos

2.500 HUF

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