The Hungarian folk-scene is colorful and exciting. Some tend to hold on to the original sounds, others seek inspiration in contemporary genres. Thus everyone is in some way re-forming their own musical heritage. Foremost among the many young and talented performers on this scene is the Góbé band, formed in 2007. The „alt-folk-fellas”, as their fans call them, are familiar faces in the inner-city-clubs...More »

Góbé: That's the way it goes

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“The world keeps opening up ever more, so art that focuses solely on one folk is about to lose meaning, completely. We are coming closer to realizing world music than to world literature, as Goethe imagined.”- Zoltán Kodály

The band Góbé was a contributor to our last compilation album with a song taken from their then unfinished album.

The young and talented band is seeking a new and more enjoyable way of playing folk music and their new album “Ez van!” (That's the way it goes) came out earlier this year.

A review of the album aptly summarizes the essence of their music: “As their underlying concept (I’m hoping for a correct solution here) I think they have chosen well-known folk songs and are performing them with such twists, novelty and extra layers as no-one else. Meaning, they take these songs apart, here on Earth, and then reassemble them in less known dimensions, in their own private heaven. (…) Unusual courage, wanton playfulness and unmatched imagination characterize their album material.” –

1.Towards the sky
3.Transdanubian blues
4.To all
5.That's the way it goes
6.Wriggling and writhing
8.My tears are streaming

Mátyás Egervári - hammered dulcimer, harmonizing tambura, irish flute, irish whistle, vocal

Imre Csasznyi - alto tambura, viola, vocal

Ádám Kiss B. - violin, violas, vocal

Márton Timár - double bass, vocal

Máté Vizeli - violas, violin, soprano tambura, guitar, kobza, vocal

Áron Czupi - drum set, percussion, vocal


Balázs Vizeli - violin

Áron Porteleki - drums

Viktór Magyaróvári "Kayamar"- vocal

Csongor Simó - electric guitar, harmonica

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