Ágnes Herczku

Ágnes Herczku is a monumental figure of Hungarian folk music and world music, even though she is one of those performers who had never worked towards a career on stage. She began learning music at the age of seven, later on danced and learned folk dance as well. Her professional career as a singer started in 1996 parallel to dancing in the Honvéd Dance Company. Her natural ability to bring to life tunes of different...More »

Ágnes Herczku: Bandázom

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„I regularly play with both enthusiasts of authentic sound and with those following more popular tunes. I feel at home in either scene. What decides it for me is how much I can relate to the actual piece being played.” -Ágnes Herczku


Ágnes Herczku’s album “Tűzet viszek” (“I bring fire”) was published 3 years ago and the songs included on the LP focus on evoking traditional and authentic folk music from Transylvania. It draws on the rich Transylvanian folk song inventory, there are Romanian, Bulgarian and Oriental musical elements and it also contains folk song-inspired imitations.

The album’s musical producer and editor is the singer’s long-standing creative musical partner, Nikola Parov. Third in the foundational trio is Sándor Födő. Joining them are 4 young folk musicians: Péter Molnár, Márton “Kispuma” Fekete, Máté Hegedűs and Bence Pálházi, whose talent, expertise and open-mindedness have had a creative effect on the album’s musical themes.

The sounding is airy and light, the folk melodies are put into a mainstream musical environment. Apart from the folk string orchestra, instruments such as the bouzouki, accordion, qanun, duduk, saxophone and several percussion instruments can be heard too. During the rehearsals and concerts the musicians have been forged into a real community, so Ágnes’ choice of the title comes as no surpise: “Bandázom” (“Banded together”).


This April the album secured a place on the selection album “Top of the World” by Songlines. It also made it into the 20 best world music albums of the World Music Chart Europa (WMCE) in March and April.


Megfújtak azok a szelek 4’24”
De szeretnék 4’00”
Gyimesi karszilamasz 5’17”
Glava li ta 6’32”
Ha szívemben szabad lennék 3’58”
Ha te – másképp 4’23”
A keserves… (Nikoláé) 3’02”
“A Nikoláé” (csárdás és szökős) 3’00”
Keress mást magadnak 5’08”
Kapitan 5’05”
Na chinger tut 2’45”

The Banda:

Ági Herczku - vocal

Máté Hegedűs “Kishega” - violin

Bence Pálházi “Pálesz” - violin

Márton Fekete “Kispuma” - viola

Péter Molnár “Mojmoj” - double bass

Sándor Födő “Fodo” - drums, percussion, accordion

Nikola Parov - violin, bouzouki, kaval, duduk, vocal, harmonics, cajon


Mihály Dresch “Dudás” - fuhun (2, 3)

János Ávéd - tenor sax (2)


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