Ágnes Herczku

Ágnes Herczku is a monumental figure of Hungarian folk music and world music, even though she is one of those performers who had never worked towards a career on stage. She began learning music at the age of seven, later on danced and learned folk dance as well. Her professional career as a singer started in 1996 parallel to dancing in the Honvéd Dance Company. Her natural ability to bring to life tunes of different...More »

Herczku Ági & Band: Live at WOMEX Budapest

FA 380-2
2016, Fonó
Bar code: 5 998048 538027
Total time: 55.33

Recorded live at the highly successful WOMEX 2015 concert, with four additional studio tracks.

Ágnes Herczku introduced her album "Bandázom" to international promoters last October during WOMEX 2015 at Budapest's Palace of the Arts. Before that it had already made the WMCE World Music top list as well as Songlines' listeners list. A recording was made of that outstanding autumn concert. The WOMEX organizing committee made an unusual exception and agreed to its release. So we are especially pleased that the Ágnes Herczku - recent recipient of Hungary's Ferenc Liszt Award - and her band have released this recording, featuring the complete concert plus four brand new studio tracks. Mixing and instrumentation for the recording is the work of Nikola Parov,



The Band:
Fekete Márton “Kispuma” - kontra viola
Födő Sándor “Fodo” - percussions, accordion, piano
Hegedűs Máté “Kishega” - fiddle
Herczku Ágnes - vocal
Molnár Péter “Mojmoj” - double bass
Nikola Parov - guitars, fiddle, gadulka, bouzouki, kaval, duduk, vocal
Pálházi Bence “Pálesz” - fiddle


Special thanks to:
Paul Bräuer - Director of Communications at Piranha Arts / WOMEX
Roger Short - Producer at BBC Radio3
Accord World Music


Special guests:
Ferenczi György - harmonica
Kovács Ferenc “Öcsi” - trompet


All tracks arranged and composed by Nikola Parov.
All lyrics available at


Live concert:
1. G tempo 6.56
2. Stokaszmete 4.00
3. Rustyuluj 5.19
4. Se nem eső 8.37
5. Megfujtak azok a szelek 4.44
6. Ya stani, Telben szamar 6.43


Bonus studio tracks:
7. Forgatos – a Nikolae 3.46
8. A hamis szeki – a Nikolae 3.30
9. Halvany deja vu-t amott visz a szel 6.24
10. Szep sem vagyok, se nem jo 5.06
Total time: 55.33


Recorded at MUPA Budapest, October 2015  Live recording engineer – James Birtwistle Post production recordings – The Living Room Studio, January 2016
Mixing and mastering – Nikola Parov, January 2016
Produced by –Nikola Parov
Cover photo – Yannis Psathas –
Cover design – Dora Kiss
P +c 2016 Fono Budai Zenehaz – Fono Music Hall
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