Final Hour

  Back in 1907, Béla Bartók on an expedition collecting folk music in Transylvania wrote about the difficulties of the task at hand in a letter: “Despite every concerted effort, a researcher looking for old Hungarian folk songs, instead finds mostly popular melodies and composed city tunes. We seem to be living the final hour – or even final minutes – of the music culture truly connected to...More »

Hirip - Szatmári népzene - Original Village Music from Romania’s Szatmár Region - New Patria series

Összidő (Total time) 73’07”

Hirip - Szatmári népzene - Original Village Music from Romania’s Szatmár Region - New Patria series


The four musicians heard here preserved an extraordinary, refined musical style. The lead violin plays the melodies superbly, which are complemented perfectly by harmonies played a third above the melodies.
The second fiddle plays a violin in almost the same register, using not only the lower G and D strings, but occasionally the two middle strings as well.
The functional harmonization is characterized by dominant 7th chords and clever use of many diminished four note chords.
As a result their music became unique, unparalleled chamber music, supported by the double bass player’s ground notes.



1. Magyar verbunk, csárdás és ugrós
(Hungarian men’s dance, slow and fast csárdás) 8’32”
2. Hallgató nóták, csárdás és ugrós
(Hungarian listening tunes, slow and fast csárdás) 12’49”
3. Ardeleanca (Romanian couple dance) 5’04”
4. Codru és iute (Romanian couple dances) 5’49”
5. Hore a oilor (Juhait kereső pásztor) (The shepherd that lost his sheep) 4’20”
6. Román csárdás és ugrós (Romanian slow and fast csárdás) 5’44”
7. Magyar kánta és román kolinda (Hungarian and Romanian Christmas carols) 2’53”
8. Román újévi köszöntő (Romanian New Year’s greeting) 1’06”
9. Csárdás és ugrós (Hungarian slow and fast csárdás) 7’51”
10. Zsidó polka (Jewish polka) 3’28”
11. Cigány csárdás és ugrós (Gypsy slow and fast csárdás) 3’25”
12. Cigány hallgató, asztali nóták és hutaďi (Gypsy listening tunes and fast dance) 11’28”
Összidő (Total time) 73’07”





Válogatta / Selected by: ÁRENDÁS Péter




HORVÁTH Elemér (1936, Erdőd) – hegedű / violin
HAMZA Vilhelm (1961, Szatmárnémeti) – hegedű, ének / violin, voice
VARGA Antal (1938, Hirip) – hegedű-kontra / 2nd violin
BOROS Sándor (1944, Szatmárnémeti) – nagybőgő / double bass


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