Gábor Juhász Trio: Making a Change

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”…the Gábor Juhász (guitar), Miklós Lukács (cimbalom) and Péter Szalai (drum) trio strives to achieve nothing less, but to rethink John Coltrane’s most famous album, A Love Supreme from 1965 and complete it with Juhász’s own compositions, and a new musical setting of a Debussy piece by Lukács . Obviously the most interesting aspect of all this effort is what this rather peculiar trio will do with a legendary quartet’s legendary performance…”

John Coltrane’s four movements piece performed by Gábor Juhász, Miklós Lukács and Péter Szalai.
Coltrane recorded this compositon in 1964, and it has already become the most important recording in the history of 

The four movements are in fact a sacred journey starting with a type of mantra, repeating the words ‘love supreme’; through to the end, a psalm, whose lyrics also written by Coltrane.

The Gábor Juhász Trio reinterpreted the original piece for a guitar, a cimbalom and a drum.
Besides the reinterpretation of Coltrane’s recording from 1964, you can also listen to Gábor Juhász’s three compositions,and a Debussy piece in a new musical setting. 


1. Acknowledgement - John Coltrane
2. Resolution - John Coltrane
3. Pursuance - John Coltrane
4. Psalm - John Coltrane
5. Gratuláció - Juhász Gábor
6. Kérés - Juhász Gábor
7. Köszönet - Juhász Gábor
8. Doctor Gradus Ad Parnassum - Claude Debussy, Lukács Miklós


Gábor Juhász - guitar

Miklós Lukács - hammered dulcimer

Péter Szalai - percussion

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