Lajos Kathy Horváth: Alfa & Omega

FA 297-2
Bar code: 5998048529728
Total time: 56,39

"This piece in several movements reflects on the increasing speed of today's life, and on crisis, deterioration, catastrophe and wars in the world - and humanity's own self destruction. It is an explosion from inside which is nevertheless full of humanity, love and peace; it could take you to another world or dimension." Lajos Kathy Horváth

Lajos Kathy Horváth is a Yehudi Menuhin Award winning violinist; in the spring of 2014 he became a member of the Hungarian Academy of the Arts and Sciences.

His orchestral piece 'Alfa and Omega' can be considered his life work. Using his incredble musical talent, he himself plays every instrument on the recording. It is rare for an artist to have the kind of talent that allows him to play so many instruments at such a high level of expertise as Lajos Kathy Horváth. The composition realized here is unparallelled.

This extraordinary recording was made in 2001-2002, and is newly available as a Fonó release.


Lajos Kathy Horváth

• violins • violas • cellos • double bass • piano •

• harp • guitar • cymbalom • xylophone •

• Steuer-zither • drum • percussion •

• Recorders: bass • alto • tenor • soprano •

• piccolo •


Alfa & Omega

  1. Teremtés
  2. Ádám és Éva
  3. Bűnbeesés
  4. Özönvíz
  5. Noé bárkája partot ér
  6. Sodoma és Gomora
  7. Mózes halála
  8. Betlehemi csillag
  9. Kersztelő Szent János és Jézus
  10. Kálvária
  11. Apokalipszis
  12. Mennyek Országa

 Dedicated with respect and friendship to Péter Eötvös.

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