Félix Lajkó

Often referred to as the Devil’s Violinist, the Paganini of Voivodina, or a child prodigy, once he is on stage with an instrument – be it the violin or the zither – Lajkó is capable of doing anything, of guarding his audience to a world that opens up only to those born with a special talent. Félix Lajkó handles music rather impulsively. There is no need to define the style or genre of his...More »

Félix Lajkó: Field

FA 283-2
Bar code: 5998048528325
Total time: 49,18

”There are natural talents of music: in their hands everything turns into music - the choice of instrument does not make any difference.”

”Félix Lajkó (in Hungarian name-order Lajkó Félix) is not only an elusive master of traditional fiddle improvisation, but he is a brilliant player of the Hungarian fretted zither as well. ”

fROOTS, November 1, 2013

The WMCE (World Music Charts Europe) has published its top 150 album of 2013 list.
Out of 913 nominated records the new zither album of Félix Lajkó – was the leader both in August and September – called ’Field’ has ended up at the prominent 5th place!

Félix Lajkó - zither

Antal Brasnyó - viola

Michael Kurina - hammered dulcimer

Ferenc Kurina - double bass


  1. Csárdás
  2. Mező
  3. Eper
  4. Szellő
  5. Cipők
  6. Nyár
  7. Kijárat
  8. Vasút
  9. Forgaom
  10. Szépség és szörny
  11. Bolygó
  12. Gyár
  13. Kuvasz
  14. Hajszál


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