Róbert Lakatos and The Rév: Rave

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”While our previous albums were attempts to cross the border between folk and classical music, “Révület / Rave” aims to reflect the immense musical diversity I have encountered in my career so far. I have a feeling that the moment has come for the band to address our audience in our most intimate musical language.” Róbert Lakatos (You can find a review of this album in the 2014 June issue of Songlines.)

”While I was playing in Budapest, Paris, New York as a classical musician, in the same period, I also performed as a folk musician in Komárom, Zsigárd, Szék.
Earlier times I often asked myself: Who am I? Am I a classical or a folk musician?
Now I know the answer to this question. I am only a musician who likes beautiful music. I feel the moment has

arrived when the band can talk to their listeners with its intimest sounds. Music is either good or bad.
Artists are either sincere or insincere. Regardless of style or genre.” Róbert Lakatos


Róbert Lakatos and his colleagues discovered the borderlines between folk and classic music on their previous two albums, now on this new record, entitled ”Rave”, they turn to other worlds of music.
Just as in the case of their earlier albums, the editing is exciting, and the freedom of music is outstanding.
This album features authentic Hungarian folk music, tunes with a Balkan touch, and Turkish folk song adaptations as well as a rap song, whose lyrics are actually an old children’s rhyme.
Róbert Lakatos is the founder and organiser of the Primas Parade, a successful musical undertaking.

Róbert Lakatos- violin (2, 4, 7),viola (1, 3 5, 6, 7), Éva Korpás - vocal (2, 4, 5, 6), Ádám Takács - violin (4, 6), Sándor Kuti - hammered dulcimer (4), László Mester - viola (2, 3, 5, 6), Zoltán Hanusz Zoltán - viola (4, 5), guitar(3, 6), double bass (2), Tibor Lelkes Tibor - double bass (1, 3, 4, 5, 6), accordion (2)

Featuring: Kálmán Balogh - hammered dulcimer (3, 5, 6), András Madarász - rhodes piano (1, 5), programing (5), István Pál - violin (2), Lili Lakatos Lili -vocal (7), Péter Lelkes - rap (7), Tamás Gál - vocal (3), Attila Varjú - drum(1, 7)


1. Osztináto (Lakatos Róbert)
2. Csárdás és szapora Kalotaszegről (trad)
3. A szerelem oly madárka (trad. szöveg: Gál Tamás)
4. Bodrogközi muzsika (trad) 
5. Sír a szemem hull a könnyem (trad. arr. Lakatos Róbert)
6. Oglanin Elinde (trad. arr. Lakatos Róbert)
7. Szúnyog dal (Lakatos Róbert – Madarász András – Lelkes Péter)


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