Miklós Lukács - Trio Cimbiózis

Miklós Lukács is one of the world's best and most sought-after cymbalom artists. He is member of countless formations, appears as a guest artist, and his name can be found on many recordings.  In 2013 he formed his own trio with drummer István Baló and double bassist György Orbán. Their name "Cimbiózis" was Lukács's idea since as he says,  "the symbiosis...More »

Lukács Miklós Trió: Cimbiózis

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Total time: 56,28

”Wayne Shorter's music is as much of an inspiration for Lukács as classical music. It is impossible to decide which is more present - jazz or the contemporary classical language.” - a leading Hungarian music blog

Miklós Lukács is one of the most famous and most talented cimbalom players in the world, and he is a hard worker. He is a member and guest performer in a number of formations, and his name appears on many album covers. With István Baló (drums) and György Orbán (double bass) he formed his own trio last year. Lukács said, ’the symbioses between us is of key importance’.
The title also refers to the composer’s philosophy, the pieces are similar to chamber music pieces: all three musicians have an equal role. When creating these pieces, Lukács only gave directions, he freely outlined the structure, which they then filled with improvisations.

Miklós Lukács - cymbalom
György Orbán - double bass
István Baló- drums

01 - Sotto Voce
02 - Act 1.
03 - Emlekek
04 - Act 2.
05 - Hazaút
06 - Esteledő
07 - Act 3.
08 - Himnusz

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