Palatka Gypsy Band

Palatka Gypsy Band is a folk band formed by five musicians from the Transylvanian village of Pălatca (Hungarian: Magyarpalatka or Palatka), Cluj County, Romania, led by the first violin Florin Codoba. Pălatca is a Transylvanian village 20 miles northeast of Cluj-Napoca. Today most of its inhabitants speak Romanian as their main language; once predominant, the Hungarian speaking community is still present, as well as a large...More »

Live recordings of the Magyarpalatka band at Fonó Budai Zeneház 2002-2003 (2CDs)

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Total time: CD1:75:25, CD2:77:51

These recordings of the band from Magyarpalatka/Palatca were made in 2002-2003 at the Fonó in Budapest a few months before their lead fiddler Márton Kodoba died. Since then Márton's son Florin leads the band, carrying on his father's musical heritage. This recording honors the memory of Márton Kodoba.

"The musicians from the village of Magyarpalatka/Palatca in the Mezőség region of Transylvania are amongst the last still carrying on the local instrumental music tradition. In their own village the demand for the traditional music pretty much died out after the regime changes of 1989....however in this case the younger generation of Gypsy musicians carries on the tradition....Today the band often plays at folk music events in Hungary and for the last 10 years they have been playing monthly at Fonó Music Hall in Budapest. 

These recordings were made at the Fonó a few months before the death of the band's legendary lead fiddler Márton Kodoba. Since then Márton's son Florin Kodoba has been leading the band. This recording honors the memory of Márton Kodoba." (Péter Árendás - excerpts)  

Márton Kodoba (1941-2003) - violin
Florin Kodoba - violin
Lőrinc Kodoba - viola
Stefán Moldován - viola
Márton Kovács "Puki" - double bass


CD 1.
1. Ritka csárdás, szökős és sűrű csárdás
2. Korcsos
3. Keserves, lassú cigánytánc, ritka csárdás, szökős és sűrű csárdás
4. Ritka csárdás, szökős és sűrű csárdás

CD 2.
1. Ritka csárdás, szökős és sűrű csárdás
2. Doina, de-a lungu, romaneste-n bota és batuta
3. Ritka csárdás, szökős és sűrű csárdás

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