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“I really am happy for the MásKÉP (roughly “AnotherIMAGE”) band. Unique sound, outstanding orchestration. Novel perspective, intonations, lyric interpretations that I may not be able to fully comprehend every time. But I don’t mind, this is why it’s “Another Image”! Heaven forbid, them turning into epigones!” - Dániel Gryllus

 Hailing from Csongrád, the MásKÉP band is a young, dynamic addition to the nearly 40-year-old art of orchestrating poems. This exciting and lively genre has been established by performers such as Ferenc Sebő, Tamás Kobzos Kiss, the Gryllus brothers or Tamás Cseh.

MásKÉP was founded by young teachers with the aim to reinterpret their most favourite poets’ (such as Attila József and Sándor Weöres) works to tell us what they think about the world. Their musical orchestrations of these poems therefore become personal and authentic.

In their songs, where improvisation is a vital element, many genres and musical styles are woven together. Their music is a sensitive mixture of the many traditions of the Carpathian Basin, of Irish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Balkan, African and Oriental musical histories spiced with jazz and pop too.

1. Ringató
2. Álmodozás
3. Regös ének
4. Bánat
5. Áldalak búval, vigalommal
6. Bús magyar éneke
7. Tiszta szívvel
8. Hazatérés
9. Az éjszaka csodái
10.Ugrótáncot jókedvemből

András Pigler – vocal, guitar, folk flute
Hajnalka Pigler-Bagi – vocal, violin
Sándor Varga  – vocal, guitar
Ádám Erőss –  clarinet
Gábor Takács – bass guitar
Gergő Mucsi – percussion 



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