Csik Band

The Csík Band has been active for more than twenty-five years, and is the most popular performer in Hungary for Hungarian folk and world music. During these decades the members of the band first acquired and studied folk music, and then performed it at concerts and in ‘dance houses’ both in Hungary and abroad.  In the past few years the band have chosen a track to try to offer an unexpected, but pleasant...More »

Második Műszak

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Total time: 41,18

The songs just came - sometimes on their own - from old, old memories carried with us half forgotten. Of course some are born of completely new experiences...which we did not waylay.

 Második Műszak (or 'second shift') Band became our forum for realizing all the musical ideas that had come to mind over the years - the ones we aren't able to do in the main band we play in (the Csík Band). The music of the 1950s and 60s, as well as Brian Setzer and the Stray Cats have had a big influence on us.

The record features tunes of our favorite artists as well as some original compositions - all in the rockabilly, rock and roll or rhythm and blues styles.

1,  Mama vegyél...  (Szabó Attila)
2,  Minden eladó  (Szabó Attila)
3,  Tingli-Tangli  (Lovasi András - Kispál András)
4,  A bor lelke  (Pintér Zsolt – Lackfi János)
5,  Csak azért  ( Sydney Robin-Bob Shelton-Joe Shelton  Magyar szöveg: Szabó Attila)
     Eredeti címe: Just Because  Written by Sydney Robin, Bob Shelton, Joe Shelton          Copyright by Peermusic Ltd.
6,  Egy pohár tonik   (Szabó Attila)
7,  Ikarusz   (Szabó Attila)
8,  Zenevonat   (Presser Gábor – Sztevanovity Dusán)
9,  Szállunk a szélben (Lábam a gázon) (Brian Setzer – Mark W. Winchester, Magyar szöveg: Szabó Attila)
      Eredeti címe: Drive like lightning (crash like thunder) Copyright by EMI Music Ltd. - Schubert Music Publishing
10, Kulcs a kézben  (Szabó Attila)
11, Szürke dal   (Szabó Attila)
12, Rock therapy  (Johnny Burnette)

Zsolt Barcza - cymbalom

József Bartók - double bass, bass guitar

Péter Makó - wind instruments

Ábel Mihalik - drums

Zsolt Pintér - mandolin, guitar, vocal

Attila Szabó - guitar, vocal

György Ferenczi - harmonica (12 )
Misi Mező - vocal (10 )
Gábor Presser - keyboard (1, 6, 7, 11 )

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