Poros: Live 2011

FA 271-2
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Total time: 50,00

Poros carries both the wisdom of the masters and the vitality of the younger generation of musicians - the way these four play the music from Mezőség or Szatmár - is nearly rock and roll.

"What started out as playing music with the family - is today one of the most promising formations on the scene. They draw on the past, while continually pointing forward.

László Porteleki describes Poros' goal like this: 'Today's folk music has become very operetta-like and world music-like - we want to bring back its ancient sound'.

Drawing on the repertoires of the early Muzsikás, Sebő and Téka bands, the music is touched up and strengthened with their own experience and musical backgrounds, emphasizing dynamics and making it more danceable"  - Béla Szilárd Jávorszky


1. Belépő

2. Forduló

3. Marci bácsi

4. Pontozó

5. Balázsok

6. Búza

7. Emlék

8. Este

9. Csárdásalacié

10. "Ötös" (Advent)


Poros Band: 

László Porteleki - violin, lead vocal

Zoltán Porteleki - viola, zither, cymbalom, vocal

Áron Porteleki - viola, drums, vocal

Gergő Szabó Csobán  - double bass, gardon, duduk, vocal

Guest: Anna Helbich Porteleki - vocal



Featuring: Réka Molnár , Balázs Bene

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