Romano Drom

  Romano Drom is one of the most prominent representative of the contemporary Gypsy culture in Hungary. Since its foundation in 1999, the Band have traveled the world from Canada to South Korea, from Norway via Portugal to Ukraine and Serbia.     Romano Drom 's unique musical world got them resounding success and made them one of the most sought after world music band with a Gypsy heritage. Romano Drom, meaning...More »

Romano Drom: Colors

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Total time: 45,56

Authentic and traditional Gipsy folk songs mixed with Catalan rumba,with Arabic and Balkan traditions, flavoured with some pop music – this is Colors. The colourful texture of their music is created by drums, electronic guitars, doublebass, saxophone and authentic pot and spoon sounds.

Romano Drom is one of the bands which appeared during the Gipsy folk revival in the 1990s and became famous around the world. The band is made up of the members of one of most famous Hungarian Gipsy folk bands, Amaro Drom.  Their name means a ’Gipsy’s road’. Their first records are based on authentic Gipsy traditions, but later on they opened to world music.

Their success lies in their unique fusion music in which Antal Kovács (founder and composer of Romano Drom) combines the centuriesold musical culture with Catalan rumba, Arabic, Balkan, and even pop rhythms.

He is using the guitar, the bass/double bass, and the saxophone, as well as the traditional pot and spoon in order to create a unique and captivating sound. The band has released five albums with domestic and European distribution, including a remix album that is unique within the genre.

Romano Drom:

Antal Kovács: vocal, guitar, tambura, oral bass

József Balogh: vocal, guitar

Antal Máté Kovács: drums, jug, spoon, cajon udu

Kovács Krisztián: jug, cajon,derbuka, rattling

Egri János: bass guitar



Attila Csávás: sax.

Dávid Csizmadia: trumpet

Zsolt Farkas:  oral bass

István Szilvási: oral bass

Seres Vilmos: harmonika , klarinét

Farkas Robert: hegedű

Kovács Máté Kornél: beszéd

1. Romano Khejipo                    3,32

2. E tehara                               4,20

3. Aj Devla Mix                          3,05

4. E Paramicha                          3,51

5. Kas naj                                 3,58

6. Le tataske taj mamake            3,56

7. O shavoro                             3,31

8. Chumidav                              3,37

9. Barvalo rom                           3,03

10.Colors                                  5,31

11.Le shavora                           2,42

12.Luludyi ande bar                   4,06

13.E dukh                                 3,44



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