Szászcsávás band

 The Transylvanian village of Százcsávás /Ceuaș holds a special place in Hungarian music history. Despite the fact that monophonic singing is typical of the Hungarian folk – this is perhaps the only village where polyphonic singing is part of the tradition. It is the adopted and folklorized form of religious polyphonic singing brought at the end of the 18th century by Protestant theologians who had...More »

Szászcsávás Band - series (6 CD)

The Fonó has released a series from 6 recordings of the Százcsávás Band.

 The Fonó has released a new series from recordings of the Százcsávás Band. Three of four CDs in the series are re-releases: "Szászcsávás - Transylvanian Folk Music"; "Szászcsávás 3" from 1998; and "Live in Chicago" which was released in 2001 but recorded during the band’s 1998 tour. The fourth CD, "Szászcsávás 1990" contains recordings made on location in Százcsávás in 1990, released here for the first time. What makes these special is that the band members who later became world-famous play here, along with one who died young in the meantime and an elderly lead fiddler. The 1990 recordings show the band with a more raw and vigorous sound (than on later recordings after their international performances). Until then they had played mostly for weddings and traditional events without amplification. The CD series has been released with new covers and more photos. In 2019 Fonó has continued the series releasing 2 more archive recordings of the Százcsávás Band.

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