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 The Transylvanian village of Százcsávás /Ceuaș holds a special place in Hungarian music history. Despite the fact that monophonic singing is typical of the Hungarian folk – this is perhaps the only village where polyphonic singing is part of the tradition. It is the adopted and folklorized form of religious polyphonic singing brought at the end of the 18th century by Protestant theologians who had...More »

Szászcsávási Dalárda

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1992-94 recordings of the polyphonic chorus of the village of Szászcsávás (Ceuaș, Romania) In memory of Dézsi Ferenc, director of the Szászcsávás Chorus


This new CD contains selected digital recordings of the chorus from Szászcsávás/Ceuaș, Romania made in their home village in Transylvania between 1992 and 1994. There are religious songs, traditional, soldiers’ songs written at the end of the 19th century, wine songs, partying songs and the traditional dance songs. The Szászcsávás Band accompanies the singers on three tracks. The recordings were made with high quality equipment on location in the village church, pre-school, culture house and even on the street in Szászcsávás. The selections include recordings of the six-member small chorus – where the parts can be clearly distinguished from one another -, as well as recordings with 30-40 singers.

In the 27 or so years since these recordings were made, many of the best singers have died. As a result of changes in tastes and the cultural environment, the tradition is unfortunately in decline. Today it would not be possible to make recordings on this level.

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