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The Buda Folk Band is a Hungarian folk music ensemble consisting of young city dwellers. They were literally born into folk music, since their parents and teachers belong to the generation which instigated the dance house movement in the mid 1970s. The stimulating effect of home rehearsals and regular field work accompanied their teenage years and later they refined their skills in folk music schools and by playing together with...More »

Sándor Fodor Jr., Neti: Szegelet

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Total time: 51,11

“The word „szegelet” in Hungarian means “corner” or “nook” and refers to a well-defined location in space. In Sándor Fodor Jr.’s case, however, it refers to a period in his life when fatherly love, family security and social respect surrounded him.”

His father, the legendary pater “Neti” gave him his first fiddle while he was still a child and inspired him to perform together at wedding receptions and baptisms. When it became clear to Sándor that he is going to be a musician, having spent so much time beside his father and at music school, prime fiddlers such as Aladár “Kicsi” Laka from the town of Kolozs and György “Gruci” Pusztai from the town of Bonchida decided to patronize him.

The album offers an insight into the fiddler’s colourful world of music. From modern urban tunes through piano-accompanied songs we arrive at the melodies he used to play with his father. The boy carries on his legacy. On the album Sándor Fodor Jr. “Neti” mainly performs songs in tandem with the Buda Folk Band and other prestigious folk musicians such as István “Kiscsipás” Varga, László Mester or László Kelemen.

1. Szegelet - (csingerálás, bogártelki virrasztó ének, cigány csárdás, csingerálás) 12:23    

2. Legényes - (legényes dallamok Kalotaszegről) 4:57       

3. Zongorás - (kalotaszegi hajnali, hegedű-zongora duó) 3:03      

4. Csűres - (mérai lakodalmi csárdás és szapora) 5:20    

5. Ketten - (kalotaszegi hajnali és legényes, hegedű duó) 3:35      

6. Egy román rend - (doina, invertita, csárdás és de sarit) 9:22      

7. Apámnak - (hajnali, csárdás és szapora Bodonkútról) 9:51    

8. Árva - (a Három árva balladája Mérából) 2:34  


Sándor Fodor Jr. ’neti’ - violin 1,2,4,5,6,7,8), piano(3)

István Varga ’kicsipás’ - violin (2,4,5,6,7,8)

Buda Folk Band:    

Sándor Csoóri Jr. - viola (2,8)

Márton Éri  - violas

Soma Salamon - accordion (1,2,4,6,8)

Gergő Csobán Szabó - double bass (1,2,4,6,8)

Andor Maruzsenszki - viola  (4)

Anna Márczi Anna - vocal  (8)

Ádám Takács - viola (8)



Róbert Doór - double bass (7)

László Kelemen - viola (7)

László Mester - viola (7)

András Soós - viola(1,2,3)

Ferenc Zimber - dulcimer (6,8)

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