Szerelmem Nagysajó [I Love Nagysajó]: Romantic Folk Music From Transylvania

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Total time: 60:13

Located in the Northeastern corner of the Mezőség region in Transylvania, neighbouring the so called „Szekely Land” (Székelyföld), the village of Nagysajó is known only to those who have noticed its rich dance culture and most importantly, its outstanding instrumental music. The first musical recordings were made by Zoltán Kallós in the mid sixties (among very special circumstances, in the Gyimes-valley, where the musicians worked at a road construciton...)
If there is a romantic dimension in traditional Hungarian folk music, than the instrumental folk music of Nagysajó, with its sophisticated rhythms and harmonies, with its overwhelming melodies is certainly the most representative of this genre. It would not be an exaggeration to call it the music of lovers.
The ad hoc association of the performers of this unique „folk jam-session” was drawn together by passion, their passion for this wonderful music. The CD is not meant to be an exact replica of the original folk music, it is rather a once in a lifetime opportunity for intimate chamber music playing, a celebration of the most beautiful living musical tradition.
The musicians wish to bring hommage to Zoltán Kallós on his 80 birthday wiht this record.


Levente Székely „Levi” – virst and second violin
László Mester „Pintyő” – 3 and 4 stringed viola
András Nagymarosy „Ánti” – double bass
Milán Hetényi – vocal


Also features:
Kinga Hajdú - vocal



track title:
1. Tizet ütött az óra / The clock has just struck ten
2. Lakodalmas (A décsei magas torony) / Wedding music (The tall tower of Décse)
3. Ritka verbunk / Men’s recruiting dance
4. Tekei csárdás és korcsos / Two couple dances from Teke
5. Öreg legények tánca / Old lad’s dance
6. Sej, a zselyki határba / Oh, at the border of Zselyk
7. Román keserves, dealungi és invirtita / A suite of rumanian dances
8. Kelj fel rózsám, mert megvirradt / Get up my darling because it’s dawning
9. Jó szeretni, de titkosan / It’s good to love, but secretly
10. Zselyki lakodalmas / Wedding music from Zselyk

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