Terra Profonda: For the sake of the mountains

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Fonó, 2019
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Terra Profonda, who by their own definition make music that is ‘shamanistic folk-blues’ , has released a new record on the Fonó label.

The album was recorded completely acoustic in village of Sitke, Hungary in the Kálvária Chapel there, and which provided the atmosphere that forms the basis of the record’s sound. While making the sound recordings, the process was also documented on camera for two video clips and a werk-film. Vastag Gábor was the recording engineer; while Ocean Productions (Ruprecht Vilmos, Soponyai Ákos, Varga Buda did the videos.

Like their debut album, this new 9 track recording contains Terra Profonda’s own compositions. Working together in the same line up for seven years now, Krisztián Kiss (koboz, Irish bouzouki, saxophone) and Mátyás Szabó (bass instruments) build their sound around front man Vincenzo Lo Buglio’s visionary song texts. The tunes draw from many different sources, easily crossing and disregarding borders between genres, forming a unified style in their own Terra Profonda way. The title track “For the Sake of the Mountains” is an ethereal love song building on natural images, while “Marie” conjures up an early Tom Waits period with a gutsy swing. The bouzouki dominates a world of Irish ballad in “Chestnut Girl”. For the closing track, the bass guitar carries the bluesy free improvisation in “I Heard The News”.



Krisztián Kiss: koboz, Irish bouzouki, saxophone
Vincenzo Lo Buglio: vocals
Mátyás Szabó: bass, acoustic bass


Sound Engineer: Gábor Vastag "Vasti"


1. Garden of Woe 6’16
2. Glow 4’09
3. For The Sake of The Mountains 5’06
4. Dragged Into Sunlight 4’46
5. Marie 3’41
6. Your Whip 5’20
7. Chestnut Girl 5’57
8. You Asked Me a Thousand Times 5’38
9. I Heard The News 8’53


Recorded in the Kálvária Chapel in Sitke, Hungary - June 2019.
Thanks to: Hangfoglaló, Péter Podlovics, Magdolna Gönczi, Sándor Badár, Tamás Badár and our families

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