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"​​Viktor ​​Toth ​is one of the most versatile figures in Hungarian jazz. Through his music, Toth can express himself as a rambunctious post-bop virtuoso (for example, in the Toth Viktor Tercett) or as a spiritual guide for the soul as in the Arura Trio." said the press when reviewing his 2007 Climbing with Mountains, which, incidentally, won best jazz album of the same year. His newest album, called the Present won the...More »

Tóth Viktor Arura Trio: Have No Fear

FA 463-2
5 9980 4854 6329
Fonó, 2020

Tóth Viktor’s newest record sends a positive message to listeners: persevere, have hope, immerse yourself in the meaning of the soul.

The composer and musicians offer this record as a continuation of their successful record from 2015, Szemed Kincse/”The Present”. The two records are a sort of yin-yang embrace of the various resonations of mood that traverse the spirit in everyday human life. After Szemed Kincse/”The Present”’s lullabye/hymn of thanks atmosphere, HAVE NO FEAR approaches the bright unity of relief and stillness with more commotion. On this record we hear contemporary jazz woven of outstanding improvisation born of the moment: it was recorded live at a sold-out concert.

“I believe that the state of happiness depends on a harmony of events. I can oppose them, but I’ll lose a lot of energy in the process. I do lose a lot of energy. Fear robs energy. We need strength, all of us – to face difficulties. May we have faith and hope. Without fear. Arura Trio would like to bring the message of the wise trees to the audience.” Tóth Viktor



Tóth Viktor alto saxophone / compositions
Lukács Miklós cymbalom
Orbán György double bass



1 Who Is Like You? 6'35
2 A Little Peace 9'56
3 Overture For Peace 7'21
4 Brightest Moment 4'09
5 Elsüllyedt városok 1'45
6 Light Train 4'08
7 Ethiopia 8'26
8 Hajnali bús 5'24
9 Moon Illusion 3'09
10 The Missing One 5'50


Live recrding at Opus Jazz Club in 2020.

Mixed and mastered: László Gazdag, Recorded: KZS Thanks to BMC. Cover Design: Dániel Miklós

Supported by NKA, FonTrade Music, Tiszta Formák Foundation


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