Vaszi Levente

  Traditional singer Vaszi Levente from the Transylvanian village of Kostelek/Coșnea (Romania) got the audience award at the 2014 PÁVA televised Hungarian folk music and folk dance talent competition. In everyday life he is a Hungarian and geography teacher in Kostelek. He has chosen to dedicate his life to helping the next generations know about their own roots - so today’s Hungarian Csángó children...More »

Vaszi Levente - Vrencsán Anita: Traditional music from Kostelek in Transylvania’s Gyimes Valley (Coșnea, Romania)

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Kostelek is Kostelek. It can’t be compared with anything else. The Csángó Hungarians in the Gyimes Valley have an expression: ‘the narrow plank of Kostelek…’

”Kostelek is over there….go on, and when you think you’ve lost your way, keep going a little more and that’s where it is.”

The folks that have set young people in Kostelek down the right path are two former Hungarian teachers: Ferencz András and Imre Éva. Those who perform on this record were their students: young people who carry with them the archaic village lifestyle and regional culture. We hear folk songs from Vaszi Levente - winner of the 2014 audience prize at the televised PÁVA Hungarian folk dance and folk music talent competition; also from Vrencsán Anita (a solo finalist in 2015 at the same televised folk talent contest); and the talented Timár Erika. Accompanying them are young musicians in Kostelek’s Zúgató Band: Vrencsán Dávid and Váta Gábor on violin (who learned from Timár Viktor and Györgyicze Csilla of Hidegség). Kiss Árpád plays Gyimes’s special instrument, the hit cello.

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