Vaszi Levente

  Traditional singer Vaszi Levente from the Transylvanian village of Kostelek/Coșnea (Romania) got the audience award at the 2014 PÁVA televised Hungarian folk music and folk dance talent competition. In everyday life he is a Hungarian and geography teacher in Kostelek. He has chosen to dedicate his life to helping the next generations know about their own roots - so today’s Hungarian Csángó children...More »

Vaszi Levente - Vrencsán Anita: Traditional music from Kostelek in Transylvania’s Gyimes Valley (Coșnea, Romania)

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Fonó, 2019
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Kostelek is Kostelek. It can’t be compared with anything else. The Csángó Hungarians in the Gyimes Valley have an expression: ‘the narrow plank of Kostelek…’

”Kostelek is over there….go on, and when you think you’ve lost your way, keep going a little more and that’s where it is.”

The folks that have set young people in Kostelek down the right path are two former Hungarian teachers: Ferencz András and Imre Éva. Those who perform on this record were their students: young people who carry with them the archaic village lifestyle and regional culture. We hear folk songs from Vaszi Levente - winner of the 2014 audience prize at the televised PÁVA Hungarian folk dance and folk music talent competition; also from Vrencsán Anita (a solo finalist in 2015 at the same televised folk talent contest); and the talented Timár Erika. Accompanying them are young musicians in Kostelek’s Zúgató Band: Vrencsán Dávid and Váta Gábor on violin (who learned from Timár Viktor and Györgyicze Csilla of Hidegség). Kiss Árpád plays Gyimes’s special instrument, the hit cello.




Vaszi Levente - ének
Vrencsán Anita - ének, újjugtatás
Timár Erika - ének, újjugtatás
Vrencsán Dávid - hegedű
Váta Gábor - hegedű
Kiss Árpád - ütőgardon






1. Lassú és sebes magyaros 04.58
2. Keserves és lassú magyaros énekek 10.14
3. Kosteleki énekek és gyors csárdás 14.41
4. Lakadalmas 04.41
5. Barna menyecske (Antal „Gica” Károly emlékére) 02.31
6. Katonadalok 07.26
7. Kosteleki hejsza 02.05
8. Ez a barna kislány (Antal „Gica” Károly emlékére) 01.55
9. Münótáink 10.55


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