Zűrös Banda on the WMCE toplist

2015-11-09 14:35:31

The first album of the Zűrös Band among the bests

Zűrös Banda recorded their first album this summer and by the beginning of November it is amongst the 20 best albums on the World Music Charts Europe (WMCE) top list.

50 experts in world music from 24 countries cast their votes at the beginning of each month to make this list. These radio and world music experts submit their votes independently from amongst more than 100 world music albums released in recent months. Zűrös Banda's record is the only Hungarian release to make the top 20 this month.
Zűrös Banda's recording won support from the Cseh Tamás Program.

Hungarian recordings that have made this list in past years have been: Lajkó Félix: Mező (Fonó), Karaván Familia (Fonó), Buda Folk Band: Világi népzene (Fonó), Herczkú Ágnes: Bandázom (Fonó) and Romano Drom: Colors, and Söndörgő from other record labels.

Zűrös Banda's album can be purchased here at Fonó webshop.

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