The Hungarian folk-scene is colorful and exciting. Some tend to hold on to the original sounds, others seek inspiration in contemporary genres. Thus everyone is in some way re-forming their own musical heritage. Foremost among the many young and talented performers on this scene is the Góbé band, formed in 2007. The „alt-folk-fellas”, as their fans call them, are familiar faces in the inner-city-clubs...More »
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Góbé Band: Bartók 44 Duos

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2021, Fonó

In light of all the above, the encyclopedic precision of this publication is worth highlighting, since in the case of folk sources, where several versions exist, we get a taste of almost all of them. For instance, 15. Soldiers' Song (Katonanóta) is based on a Slovak melody, but Góbé Folkside performs the Vojvodina version as well – as the Hungarian variants can also be found in the Bartók-system. The variety and uniformity of the pieces are strengthened by the occasional block design. For example, the combination of duos 15. and 4. gives a beautiful composition, the Slovak melodies of which were recorded by Bartók in Nagyszalatna, Zólyom (today Zvolenská Slatina, Slovakia). It should be noted that the performer of the folk songs, Éva Korpás took great part in the search for Slovak-Hungarian melodic relations and the reconstruction of the melodies – which, in many cases, happened based only on notes.


Since the goal of this record is to serve as teaching material as well, Máté Vizeli and Péter Surján aimed at simplicity while performing 44 Duos for Two Violins, entirely adhering to the instructions, as the series itself was basically designed for young music learners. However, in some duos, their folk musician side also comes forth, allowing us to discover some folk elements here and there.


KORPÁS Éva – vocals
POJENDÁN Gergő – vocals
HORVÁTH Balázs – violin, viola, accordion
CSONKA Balázs – samica, soprano tambura, accordion, vocals
HORVÁTH Bálint – alto tambura, vocals
BABCSÁN Bence – clarinet, saxofon
GOZLAN Fatima – nei
Saïd TICHITI – băndir
KONTA Noémi – piano


Music director: VIZELI Máté
Graphic design: GÓRR Attila
Mixed and mastered by: ROSSA Levente Bors
Translation: MÁTYÁS Éva


The recordings were made in Rolebo Studio.

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