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Miklós Lukács is one of the world's best and most sought-after cymbalom artists. He is member of countless formations, appears as a guest artist, and his name can be found on many recordings.  In 2013 he formed his own trio with drummer István Baló and double bassist György Orbán. Their name "Cimbiózis" was Lukács's idea since as he says,  "the symbiosis...More »

Lukács Miklós Cimbiózis 5tet: Lux et Umbra

Fonó, 2018
FA 407-2
Bar code: 5998048540723

„Régóta járt a fejemben hogy az új Cimbiózis zenéjét egy kicsit rendhagyóvá teszem”. „Főleg a kortárs zenéből és a 20. századi zenéből inspirálódtam és ebből hat kompozíció született. Rengeteg benne az improvizáció.” (Lukács Miklós)

„Hosszú évek óta játszom szabad improvizációs zenéket, de mindig volt egy olyan vágyam hogy egy ilyen közegben tegyem ezt.” (Klenyán Csaba)


Miklós Lukács - cimbalom
Csaba Klenyán - clarinet
Attila Jankó - bassoon
György Orbán - double bass
István Baló - drums


1. Ventum 10,01
2. Dal segno 11,43
3. Vertigo 3,48
4. Lux et Umbra 7,18
5. Circum 6,39
6. Calm 11,13


For my band’s third recording “Lux et Umbra”, joining me and my two usual
partners (György Orbán - double bass, István Baló - drums) are two guests
– two excellent classical musicians (Csaba Klenyán – clarinet, Attila Jankó
- bassoon). But these musician friends are not really guests, or not the kind
who come to visit and know when it’s time to leave. They’re partners. They
became trusted partners already during the first rehearsals.


When I’m doing a new record, I like to explore new paths. This is always an
exciting exercise for me. From the very first moment I try to see and feel the
music. If I think this way, then the various pieces must in some respect become
part of a process, and step by step fall into a unit. Such is the story
of this record as well. A cycle. A new sy[ci]mbiosis between us, in the music,
amongst the genres.


Lux et Umbra. Light and shade. Both are gifts of life. We couldn’t live without
them. They are siblings, while in our eyes they are opposites of one another.
They tactfully accompany us through life, they watch and quietly influence
our every moment.


Do we recognize them day-to-day?


Looking out the winter window, we desire the warm touch of light; while
we would rest in a tree’s cool shade from the flashing rays of summer sun.
Toward light in winter? Toward shade in summer? If we could once truly understand
how that brotherhood works, perhaps we would be better able to
live together.


This is the question we traverse in Cimbiózis 5tet’s new cycle.



All compositions by Miklós Lukács.
Special thanks: Babiczky Tibor, id. Lukács Miklós, Bordás Róbert, Takács István Gábor, Kiss Dóra.
Recorded in Budapest at Fonó Music Hall in 2018. Recording: Kopcsik Márton, Nóniusz Gábor. Mixing & mastering: Kopcsik Márton (Bresaola Studios Budapest), Producer: Horváth László, Cover, photos: Kiss Dóra
Band Photo: Bordás Róbert, Pre printing: Szilasi Marianne

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