Cserepes: Nachtmusik

FA 479-2
Fonó, 2021

A new piece from the great ‘Cserepes Opus’. Don’t miss it.

Cserepes Károly has gotten the 'raw material' for this record from Transylvanian folk music researcher Kallós Zoltán’s somewhat forgotten collections. Cserepes has placed the original archival recordings in an urban environment, bringing tradition and ‘the old’ closer to us in time and space.
A lot of ‘very Cserepes’ intuitive elements with not necessarily conscious feelings and play, have guided his selections. After his albums “Blacklake”, “My Name is Elvis” and “The Big Slalom” – Cserepes’ newest work using a similar technique is the next piece in what’s now become a series. Listen, love it!

“Cleaning a found object"
The previous Cserepes albums and the current “Nachtmusik” have one thing in common: they invite a meeting of distant worlds.
In each case one of the distant worlds used as a starting point is archival recordings of traditional folk music.
The other distant world is always the point of view from which we look at archival recordings. Each album seeks and offers a new perspective, while knowing that there are an inexhaustible number of possible approaches.
For “Nachtmusik”, a “peaceful” city man cleaned these archaeological finds. As the evening lights come on in the city, couples in love slip through the streets with the sound of piano and saxophone music filtering out of the cafés...
As midnight approaches with the noise of the city quieting and a bit of emotional distance, we are able to lovingly view the newly “cleansed objects” we have seen so many different sides of in the past.

Thanks to the Kallós Zoltán Foundation in Răscruci, Romania and the Institute of Musicology in Budapest for the archival recordings.

Thanks to our singers of the past:
1. Árpád Csete, Magyarszovát (RO) 1986
2. Erzsi Kiss, Mezőkeszü (RO), 1964
3. Ilona Szabó, Körösfő (RO), 1937
4. József Balla „Kukus”, Feketelak (RO), 1963
5. János Bágyi, Bözöd (RO), 1941
6. Anna Parrag, Nagyberki (H), 1965
7. János Káplár, Berzence (H), 1936
8. Zoltán Kallós, Válaszút (RO), 1997
9. Mária Ferenc, Szabófalva, (RO), 1965


Special thanks to musicians:
Dódi Kárpáti - trumpet
Béla Ágoston - saxophone
Guest: Armin Küpper – saxophone (


1. This is my Rose 4.45
2. My Flower Ox 4.25
3. I am so Determined 4.38
4. The Road is Crying 4.44
5. Kata 4.25
6. Love, Love III. 6.03
7. East Wind 5.19
8. Apocrypha II. 5.50


Composition, recording, mixing: Cserepes Károly (Budapest, 2021)
Graphics, layout: Dóra Kiss, Marianne Szilasi



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